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Co-Driver Weboffice fra AddSecure

Gør det muligt for dit kontorteam at samarbejde effektivt med chaufførerne via Co-Driver Weboffice, vores brugervenlige backoffice-program til flådestyrin.

Co-Driver App fra AddSecure

Vores Android-app til professionelle chauffører gør det muligt for kontorteamet at samarbejde effektivt med chauffører i marken.

Why use AddSecure Smart Grids to digitize your power grid?

Smart gridsWhether you’ve already decided to upgrade your power grid, or if you’re waiting until it’s inevitable, it’s going digital at one point or another. Of course, this is not a decision to be taken lightly, as the grid probably spans a pretty vast geographical area, which necessitates a pretty serious investment. However – our Smart […]

Smart communications solutions protect that which cannot protect itself

IoT og sikke..Without exaggeration, this is also the source for great threats. In the past hackers were limited to attacking computers in homes and offices but with the amazing number of devices being routinely connected to the internet, completely new possibilities are opening up for the individuals that use IoT for darker purposes. The future is dependent […]