Dear customer,

The coronavirus situation has impacted people’s lives around the world. At AddSecure we continuously monitor the development of the Corona pandemic and its effect on the global community.

Being a communications and solutions company, you can rest assured that the performance of our secure critical communications and data will not be impacted. We have a business continuity plan in place and the service we provide our customers will not be compromized. And it goes without
saying, that the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount.

With this letter we want to update you on the steps we have taken to ensure business continuity for all our customers around Europe.

Daily operations

We currently work at full capacity when it comes to daily operations, such as technical monitoring, support and order delivery. In the current situation, we estimate that we have the capacity to manage resource reduction by up to 50% (50% of staff not working) without this affecting the support of our activated services. We also have the possibility to relocate employees from other departments at short notice. However, staffing shortages over time can result in longer handling times of orders and response times on calls/emails.


Non-critical staff work remote

As a security measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we have asked a majority of our employees to work from home. Only employees working in critical functions are present in our offices.

Our Account Managers are as accessible to customers as they would be if they were in the office. All employees are instructed to leverage technology and conduct internal and external meetings virtually as much as possible.

We continuously monitor the potential impact the pandemic could have on our supply chain and communicate regularly with our hardware suppliers and installers. We will keep our customers informed should anything affect the delivery of components manufactured in regions affected by the coronavirus.


A safer world

We do this to safeguard people and to take responsibility for society as a whole. Helping reduce the risk of the Covid-19 spreading is in accordance with our mission to contribute to a safer and smarter world. These are turbulent times for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. We are
committed to maintaining our business operations and ensuring you continue to receive the high-quality customer service and technical support you have come to expect from us.


Stay safe,
Krister Tånneryd
Chief Operations Officer
[email protected]