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Technical Alarm Services

Our Technical Alarm Services enables you to monitor and remotely control your connected devices. Reduce costs and save time by alerting operational staff in time so they can plan and execute actions.


M2M/IoT services

Our Technical Alarm Services is an M2M/IoT solution that simplifies machine-to-machine communications no matter the industry. It is our way of responding to market demand for M2M/IoT communications solutions that are easy-to-use, secure, and scalable, as well as situations where there is a need for completing a traditional alarm (for example intruder alarms) with monitoring of a piece of equipment.

The solution provides surveillance that automatically generates communications alarms for your operating staff if any router loses contact with the Internet. This base solution has features that have been added from our other enterprise products in order to build a complete solution for remote operations and transfer of measured values:

  • Optional basic alarm terminal or rugged industrial 4G router.
  • Web portal for receiving and notification of technical alarms (and basic display of for example temperature values).
  • Monitoring and automatic notifications in the event of a disruption in communications.

Who is this service for?

Users can include, for example:

  • Operating managers with several facilities to monitor and optimize.
  • Property managers with facilities spread over a geographical area.
  • Service and operating staff who need to control, regulate and monitor elevators, access systems and building management

Why Technical Alarm Services?

  • Ensures stable, reliable communication with equipment no matter the distance
  • AddSecure operates the technology, whereas the customer connects the devices and puts their energy into their business
  • AddSecure Link Control simplifies work for customers by handling the commissioning, day-to-day operations, and maintenance of the communication links
    to their machines
  • A tool (AddView) to share information with the right resources in terms of technical alarms or disruptions in communications
  • Quick responses from the right resources increase quality within a customer’s own operations

Enables you to monitor and remotely control your connected devices

Reduce costs and save time

Complete overview and control over your security systems via mobile and web.

AddSecure Link is a cellular and VPN connectivity solution for large customers and IoT system integrators.

AddSecure Link Go is a plug-n-play solution for companies that want a quick and easy start in connected devices and systems.